Brother Gone


just a line to say you are on my mind

so far away from home all you love

surrounded on four sides by danger

clear present enduring stealing you

from us forcing you to hide your

fire under water in the hands of

godz ochosi protect the hunted

misdirect the hunter ogun protect

warrior separated from the others

shango fit the battle so my brother

remains shifted in shape invisible

to predators brother stay on the one

knowing we are those who count our

days as sand though the century glass

of struggle we have no resting place

no peace no justice nothing but determination

so even though you are far away we

are in the same place we invented diaspora

to hold us broken yet whole in our suffering

we miss you but rather dream you alive

than bloodied and gone from us forever

be well my brother be encouraged we rejoice

in your going knowing it may mean your

coming home one day free to live

free to be free to dream free

until then you are with us in spirit

as we are with you the hunter

shall go hungry today

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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