Dairy of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am. Pt 5


Why is every show the hardest show I’ve ever done?

How can all the damn roads be uphill?

Sometimes, shit just “is”.

Nothing ventured; nothing gained.

You can’t win it if you ain’t in it.

I am not afraid of success; I expect it.

I got high expectations.

So sue me.

You settle. I’m aiming for the moon. If I fail and land on a star ; I’ll send you a postcard.

I only know one thing better than trying, doing.

So today I will do.

I will set the bar and they will rise to it. I will get all I need done and feel good in the doing.

Forward is the direction I’m following.

I got marching orders and I’m on a move. I advise you not to stand in the way; I only know one direction.

Note to self: This is my joy. I am not fighting to get somewhere. I am there. I live the life I dreamed. Sometimes it gets heavy but that’s alright. I’m strong. I am growing myself. I will be joyful in my labor so that my labor may be joyfilled.