when you live in rooms

where shoestrings dangle

tripping you up in the race

to get in to get out to get

where windows stay broken

even though they painted shut

the rats always return

four and two legged

you get tired the water

says don’t get weary

tired is a coat we

can set aside to find

joy in random beauty

amaryllis through broken

windows in brick houses

like brick house women

with forever tattooed in their  eyes

still beautiful

like still water



dangling shoe strings

on worn out shoes

don’t signify worth

worth is defined

in floating with your eyes open

seeing knowing and going on

floating back on the water

face to the heavens

is that all you got


the sun is gonna rise

why not be the tide

sometimes it’s got to be right

cause it can’t be wrong all the time

dangling shoe strings on worn shoes

cars that don’t go in reverse

dreams in boxes

delivered broken

missing parts without batteries

deep water blues

sing loudly in brash defiance

you will not kill me today

laid my troubles on the water

watched them sink

as the sun rose

walked into the water

walked out clean