things written in sand



pendulum swinging

swing batter swing

always moving Chrisman

said that

King said its an arch

that gravitates towards good

they say Anne Frank

thought people were good

at the heart

I read Frank,

belived King,

overstood Chrisman

the wind of the pendelum

how things take forever

cuz thats God time

God time make

you a grain of sand

even sand got a story

ain’t God grand

the story

belong to God not the sand

swing batter swing

fill the void with verbs

we try

best epithat ever

we try

but God is telling

the story

do we understand

how to be a part of a story

bigger than us

how to be right

because right is right

even if you never win

can you dig that

man God writes

you just


but you still in the story

pulled by the tide

out from shore

bottom of the ocean

sand in the story

God writing about

beaches in short form

galaxies in long form

swing batter


what can sand

tell the beach

what a beach know

about a galaxy

even sand got a story

swing batter