Dairy of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am. Part 8


Yeah though I walk though the valley of shadow.

I will remember to be the light.

I will lead by example.

Head high first into the fray; last to leave the field. I lead the charge by serving the story, the story is all. Everything else and all the others are actually accessories. side dishes, trim. The story is the main-event. I serve us all by remembering that. If we come out the portal sucessfully it will be because of proper midwifery.

I am there when they are ready. I am there when they are not. I will be there if they win. I will be there if they lose.  I am there.

I got my eye on the story. It’s all about the story. I serve the story. If I build it the story will come to life.  My job is to tell the story as best I can. I am at most the vessel the instrument that brings the words to life. At least I am the grand negotiator, standing in the center of the vortex, my only protection the text I am invoking: I bargain with crew, producers, and actors to get the text to live on the stage. I am a mid-wife.

I am alone. Surrounded by people with individual agendas, I am alone holding the text in one hand and the responsibility for its embodiment in the other. I am alone yet they all know more than me about how it should be, however they are not as quick to be what I need them to be.

I don’t have time to fight over the wheel; I will swim to shore and tow them in if I have to.

Once again, like it’s the last time, I’mma give it my all and see what it do; let my actions speak for me. We will get there; we can count the real soldiers then. Right now I’m moving to the goal.

Help me shine or get out-of-the-way; there’s work to be done.