Diary of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am. Pt. 14


If you don’t decide where you stand you won’t know why you fell down. I deal in mental groceries. I want to feed my congregation. I don’t do fluff and I ain’t trying to cross over. If you want to see me you might have to travel out of your comfort zone. I will make it worth the trip. I don’t wanna make Mc Donald’ s commercials even if they let me spit. Don’t want to sell Adidas or Reboks and bless the Pack; I ain’t doing free commercials either. I been around much longer than a summer. I work regular. I create constantly. I am a monster on stage. But I am probably not coming to a theater near you soon. I am in the belly creating for the people. If you need my words they will find you. I am digital across the planet. But I don’t leave my comfort zone much. I am comfortable where the white-t’s are the suit de jour and Ebonics is the trade language. I am happy where a nod makes you part of a family; where I don’t need a pass. I am inspired here and motivated to create in and out of what surrounds me. I am hood rich. I stand with the path makers. I feed folks. I will put you on. I want you to shine. I love the heat of your reflection. I will share the stage. I got room for you to blow up.  But I ain’t trying to go too far. I like home and I like it when the world comes to visit. I am proud of home. Not all of it is beautiful but I own it all. Its crowded here, its important to help those who want to leave get out. It’s just as important that we make it possible for those who want to stay to thrive. I stand with those who try to make a way. I could tell my stories any where. I choose here. I am not trapped. I have made my decision. I want to be a part of the signs and symbols of success the hood needs. I want to make home a place you can live and grow in. I want community. I build what I need. I have been accused of being reclusive. I guess so. I am happiest when I am creating. I party by working. I celebrate by writing a poem. I show out by writing a play. For fun I do Wilson in 30 days. I am intense. I am passionate. I am an artist and everything is colored by that. I need to be fed. I need to be surrounded by stories. I need the bustle, the dreams, the tears, the determination that the street life offers.  I might visit Martha’s Vineyard. I don’t want to live there. I need the funk. I need the noise. I need the heat. I need my folks, striving, fighting, winning. I need to see it first hand. I want to be there where the pendulum finally moves. I want to be remembered here; on the frontline, with my pen in my hand and freedom words in my mouth. I am living the life I dreamed about. I am blest.