That New Millennium Dime: The Artist, Installment #11


the artist/writes/murderous verbalist/

C4 B4 u cud write/the artist/has moved

/grown/out of chaos/N2 purpose/this

is not mellowing wine/this hard liqour/it aint checkers yungsta/

live then hollar @ me/battlescars & stripes/ i write/murder

she wrote/w/ea lethal pen stroke/as tears flow/hate 2 kill/but

some shit need 2 die/murder apathy/ignorance/stupidity/waste/

let it go/like a bad lover/let it go/grow N2 purpose/the artist/stronger now/

need is greater now/one word/now/same convo/same problems/same sword/

old soul/seer/deep listener/speaking to the dead/speaking for the dead/

memory keeper/story teller/word to reality/word/stories for sale/for free/for

liberation/for liberating/for liberty/free/for freedom/free to be freed/the artist/run

away slave w/ a pen/w/stories for livin/hexin/holdin us in the circle/to feed us/I

got bricks/tryin 2 build sumthin /tryin move sumpthin/ swang pendelum swang/

the artist/wading through the funk/ cuz the funk know/ funk know what the dust

dont/funk dont die/ it moved underground/ where the artist/ lives/ forgetting to

barely survive/remembering 2 cre8t out of whats been gifted/ make a way  w/the

funk/funk knows/the artist forgets to suffer/absorbing the suffering that surrounds/

the artist/in the funk/ground zero/cre8ting/remembering joy n struggle/more paper/more keystrokes/will it free u/it will feed u/an army got 2 eat/ buildin sumthin/i got bricks/an army got 2 eat/bone yard soldiers hungry/hope is almost gone/what we eat then/these words could be melted n2 bullets/free ya mind/ya ass will follow/mental groceries/got freedom/?/i slang/bangin 4 u/blood on the stage/r it dont matter/it aint the applause/its the pause/the look in ur eye when u overstand/when u see/crystal clear/when its plain/& u cant run no mo/moved 2 purpose/when u accept the keys/thats why the artist bleeds/lyrical libation/redemption songs/prayers for heretics/in search of the wheel/the artist/got bricks/tryin 2 build sumpthin/

an army gotta eat

/got freedom/

i slang