That New Millennium Dime- Installment 19- Cairo


revolution/likes figs with thick sweet sauce/is a possibility/like omelets or chicken/there are choices/we choose and lie to ourselves/ we have short memories/i remember iran and the last shah/manijhe mohammedi did you ever go home/i remember revolutions/revolts/yolks thrown off/i remember/i got a long memory/son texted me/egypt is free/we will see when the smoke settles i text back/like figs with thick sweet sauce/ it is a possibility/ one day a people could just stand up/ stand up and say enough/ stand for days and nights/ refuse to go home/ refuse to do anything but win/ its a possibility/like love and lightening storms/ these things can be/like silver stars in a black sky/crescent moons/and eyes like pools of still water/Cairo liberated/dancing in the streets/mubarak is out/they say democracy is coming/the young say they have saved themselves/ the old/& the unborn/ yolks thrown off/immolation in tunisia/crooked elections/socially networked unrest/a break down/ no work today/today donkeys triumph over mercedes benzes/i remember iran and the last shah/manijhe did you ever go home/?/