The Lower Bottom Playaz; Full Metal


Bullets are usually made of lead. If you cover a lead bullet with copper you get a Full Metal Jacket; an armor piercing projectile.

It is our intention to wound you with art. You will leave feeling something. You  will be moved . This is our promise to you. It’s a full metal season and it’s coming at you full force.  We want you to catch the fever, be a part of our movement, or at the very least, stand still and be wounded.

We are doing it big. So incredibly big we can’t do it without your help. So big we can’t put it all out right here; but you are an integral part of what’s about to go down.

We are bringing you some stock that just keeps getting better and some new work that is already being called tour de force. Look out for visits from Queen, Flowers for the Trashman, a new Wilson piece, the return of Gem of the Ocean, and two brand new pieces by WordSlanger at the San Francisco Theater Festival held at Fort Mason this year. Did I say we were doing it big?

Last year the Playaz turned 10, this year the theater built for WordSlanger turns 10 as well. We are on a collision course with destiny and we invite you to stand in the headlights with us. Be a part of our Full Metal Theater Season.

Stay tuned— it’s about to go down!

Save the dates: August 7, Fort Mason San Francisco, San Franciso Theater Festival

August 19. 2011: Gem of the Ocean opens at The Sister Thea Bowman Memorial Theater, West Oakland, CA