techno mecca


walkin in a new garden
technically colored flowers
grown in medicated minds
stress elevated to art
bleeds on concrete freedom
sought in recreation of is
tagged on trains transient
society sold fathers house
took a trip to paris to see
is from a different perspective
and wrong is wrong
came back to mecca
jaded/ fatally flawed
transient soul sold to survive
like marvin I wanna know
whats going on the night
sky stole the birdsong and
summer don’t know it
shouldn’t snow monsanto
is a visible sin we take in
like sacrament no longer
seeking we will never find
the wisdom left behind in
this technically colored garden
where no one asked I pretend
I don’t know I waited to long
there aint no where to go
on a blue ball gone technicolor
where roses without fragrance
grow beautiful to look at
as winter days that swelter
in the haze of a collapse in
the order ordained re-bundled
served by a new server
cheaper by at least 30 silver bucks
free trip to bable with a two year contract
sit back relax
no human contact
give them the nod
select your pod
become god
in this
colored garden
plug in to become
unplugged detach to evade love
grab the garbage and pony up
one life time is not enough more
more more till its running on the floor
here in the garden where the
flowers are colored
a million eyes
watching yet
we cant see
someone turn the music up
change the mode
go back to sleep
sweet little sheep
no need to peep the end
is digitized shrunk down to a
ridiculous size you can subscribe
or buy outright and super size
yet never quite surmise
the fix is never in the mix
ya got to leave the rabbit to his trix
it don’t care if you don’t realize
it goes down just like this
in the garden
with its kaleidoscopic schemes &
technically colored
on the all night bus to