Carmina’s Request


Will you quiet me in the night?
when my brow furrows
and my hands reach
for something on just
the other side of this reality.
I have read books of shadows
eaten legend and digested fable
searching in chaos with 3 eyes wide.
A puzzle with pieces yet to be placed
I am of earth fire and deep water
elemental in my need.
I dream in tones of raw desire
yearning straining even in repose.
Will you dance in my dreams?
in dimensions still undreamed
waiting to be conceived of,
calming the silent questions of
a questing soul too weary to rest.

Will you walk with me
in the quiet of morning
before the world is awake
before sin is alive.
Will you come to the edge
of innocence and watch
day paint itself on a naked world
with the best of intentions
pale pastel and yet unformed
full of promise and unspent possibles.
Here in the middle of a heart beat
come and pray with me
and I will wash your face in the ocean.
You can play your horn on the beach
‘til the sun knows, it should rise.

I will sing for you on the hill
in the middle of the day
far away from concrete and rushing people
hurrying to nowhere too fast.
We can drink young wine made from
grapes I grew
as the sun strides across the sky
like a lazy giant setting fires.
We can sit under trees older
than the buildings below.
You and I above it all
forget to remember any
thing that makes us less.

Shall we congress at sunset
in the small upper room
where the palm fond whispers
across the domed roof.
This is the last room the sun leaves
it lingers to light our lust with liquid
fire to match our own
singeing away reservations
melting us in to one
many legged form
as we create
one another and ourselves
over again and again
discovering intense capacities
for heat and a resilient hunger.
We dedicate our selves to
merging and coalescing
into tighter blends
like music from finessful violin
each note
hanging onto the
until the trembling