Colored Gulhs


dream hearts

long tall yaller sista, remind ya a lemonade

kind a chick so cool she make her own shade

fast in a good way two swift for a fade

full a paid up game way above being played

melting like butter into the games being staged

test her flavor and spar with a tiger uncaged

she sway to a song being played by Cab Calloway

eat salt peanuts leave yo parlor in disarray.

nappy wool crowns chocolate perfection

blackberries are jealous

your ebony splendor

is all the moon has ever desired

a place for dreams

to rest in while day sleeps and is re-inspired

souls have been lost in the warm velvet of her eyes

she vibrates Louie Armstrong along side congo drums

licking mango from her fangers staining your soul.

red-bone, come clay, live and jump

like de fish in de stream

red bone sang in dreams of magnolia

budding in sun like home baking

firing, pinging in creational keys and soft drawls

dividing meadows and abiding in furrows

earth-woman full of Robert Johnson’s guitar licks

eatin pig feet and dancin all nite long among da bones.

caramel treats tempt, curly innuendo

enticing like tasting the brown sugar in café-au-lait

no debate with tender tan, tantalizing lure, tropical breeze intoxicating

as rum,

caramel kisses get ya hi

a  sweet tooth can be a habit formed from obsession

a passion only cured by possession

she skanking to Bob Marley

sipping coconut juice from a conch shell raw.