this is my body

as god made me

in the image of man


hued like the dirt we all come from




skin bones dreams

interrupted intercepted impeded

pressed into the service of others

pressed like roughly ripened grapes

bitter yield

bound bled bondsman

oceans of loss

bottom of the ocean blues

bones on the ocean floor despair

smothered in breast

waiting to breathe another

sunshine in so there can

be tomorrows

languishing longing laboring

washed in sorrow

dreaming of chariots

following signs that do not

lead to the ocean

do not take you home

but lead you further into the wilderness

in the land of sorrow

no resting

only restless movement

seeking what was drowned in the ocean

faces screwed in concentration waiting

the ocean is silent

its voice the roar of the dead

who refused to eat sorrow

refused to seed tomorrows

refused to be yoked

rather walk the ocean floor

not as invisible as

unarticulated narratives of suffering

swelling necks

that find their own nooses

tie their own bloodknots

not as graceful as ocean dives

just as resolute

impossible to carry the weight of the tales untold

backed in to bowels

stinking on breath

whispering death from the mouths of the living

ghosts of men created in the image of man

envisioned by god

fashioned all knowing from dirt

which knows all

the stories buried in its completeness

I am human

there is a story

stolen suppressed sullied

bloodied bludgeoned


inheritance of hopefulness



strangling on the narratives

of rising falling falling

& merry go rounds

exited only for prison returns &

graveyard rituals

judgment absent peers

the blind dumbness of no justice

exploding in bellies

narrowing minds

loading guns

pulling triggers

informing fear

that builds more prisons

feeds more graveyards

babies thrown out with bathwater

burned out trying

stunned like deer’s in

the moment before the metal monster hits you

afraid angry anxious

heads cocked listening for the ocean

waves rising clouds on the horizon

I am human

repeated so i remember

i am human

i am human

i am

i will not be invisible

i am

i am


so i  remember to remember