guttersnipe by claude lark

razor blue steel

glow like the moon

in the dark of night

i call it cotton

cuz it comes out

when the rubber

leave the road

then cotton runs the show

the moment they act like they

dont see me talk like i dont

understand nuthin they sayin

when i am looking right thru

them waiting for a reason

cotton wants to talk to them

help them understand i am

low on understanding

dont take much to bullshit

had way too much of it

cotton know & finds the way

to my hand when rubber leave

the road to remind them i know

all i know how to dot eyes cross tees

how to get fools up off of me

me & cotton we got history

check the pedigree

we go back like mint juleps and crack

believe that so remember

when you marginalize

and place me on the fringe

cotton been done explained

to me ya thinking

me and cotton know you

and you know we do

best to act like you

remember cotton too



(c) wordslanger 7.14

(painting guttersnipe by claude clark)