How to Ground One’s Self on a Moving Train


Meditation One: Stay in Your own Lane

Stay in your own lane. Everyone and everything has a purpose. It is important to find one’s purpose. Not connecting to purpose is a recipe for lifelong frustration. It is like being an out of tune instrument; all that is needed for beautiful music is there, but what comes out is less than melodious. A life that lacks purpose is often filled with a deep, abiding, longing for some other way to be in the world. You may not know what’s wrong with you, but you will know something is not right, the nagging feeling of not being in the right place, being outside time; the desire to find your right life, will follow you like a cloud. Lifelong frustration and longing can make even the most fortunate seeming life miserable.   However connected to purpose one can endure unfavorable circumstance and still be at peace with life. If one is doing what one should do in life, their connection to purpose lights their existence, and shines out of them to light the world in which they move. They are in rhythm with life no matter what tune the universe decides to play.

Find your purpose and then stay in your lane. The world needs you to be who you were meant to be. This may not be in alignment with what other’s want you to be, but it is YOU that is called to BE in the event of your life. You have a responsibility to your own life. You must find and follow your path. The world around you may offer a narrative that explains who you should be, what is expected of you, how you are perceived, and this narrative of you may attempt to place boundaries around your existence, limiting your possibilities. You are in fact the author of your own life. You are the arbiter of the evolving narrative of yourself. Further, the gift given you is needed in the world for it to be complete. If you never discover and use the gift then the world suffers with you. In the darkest of times the path to the light is easier to find in your own lane.

When everything is falling down and all hands are needed on deck they can’t all run to the same task. The results would be disastrous.  There are many challenges both communal and personal that demand our best selves to navigate them successfully. It is an intelligent assumption to assume that a myriad of challenges demand a myriad of approaches to vanquish them. The world needs doctors and singers, dancers and mathematicians, clowns and healers; we need them all.  When life is a moving train it’s important to find and stay in your lane. Identify your contribution and put your all into making it a force in the world. Make your dedication to purpose your calling card. They will know you by your works! Be clear and satisfied in that work. It will see you through. Be joyful in your contribution and bring your very best to the table. Peace is found in purpose. Success is built on serving purpose. Let your purpose be your guide and you will find your place in the world.

So when the sands shift, and the train takes off, hold on the purpose and allow it to be your anchor in life.