grammie’s song


her song so soft

like the smell of jasmine

on summer wind

no words a simple hum

like soft hands on

your shoulder when you are tired

like encouragement when the bruises

show a gentle whisper saying you can

holding you forever

holding you forever

that song

that fed dreams

inspired you to be more than

what you were given

for your own sake

for the worlds sake

her song knew you were special

it was her gift to you

the song from cotten fields

and other women’s kitchens

the song of home long gone

but coming if you pray with moving hands

the song of falling down to go faster

the song that remembers to remember

that song sat up all night when you were sick

it rose to the rafters when you won

it fell on transgressors like thunder when you were wronged

her song of iron and water

knew your strengths it fed them

knew your weakness & banished it

leaving only room for becoming

the song of oceans

the song of sunsets

outlasted sunset

it lives it me

it is my song

my grammie gave it to me

it is still sung

will never be stilled

I hear it

when I am lost

and I find myself in

that song holding me forever

it will hold me forever