big brother’s arms



predictive software

& chalk outlines

mark this time

like the days of the beast

& none shall sell or trade

least they kiss the ring


this is a tale of boogeymen

are you sleep?

or are you listening?

I spy with my little eye

multiple streams of

surveillance big brother

got a long arm he got to

be in your business his arms

too long to stay home and mind

his own so he roams all over seas

with his long lawless arm counting

other peoples stones piling

up fields of stones of his own

hiding them behind bunting

distracting sheep

with bands playing on and on

the sheep dance support big pharma

cause they can’t breathe but they bleed

sometimes they drown on dry land

swallowed by need & sometimes

its poisoning by greed but there is

an app for that download it free

it comes with an army of mercenaries

tamping down what could easily blow up

they are coming for you

no need to rise early to show up

they know where you live & the names

of your kids they map it on a grid

track you with the net you enter

when you rush to give back your check

the scraps of paper

given for your blood & sweat

they will explain what you don’t

seem to want to get

big brother got a long arm