mineral folk


belly full of story scarification

in the bottom of the world

empty belly hungry soul

diamonds in the rough

roughing it pulling up

on bootstraps yeah we do

impossible sideways on

life’s freeway just the beat &

hustle no guarantees no promises

no warranty just a mean breast stroke

determination the shoreline in sight

light seeking unstoppable force

knowing not forgetting remembering

the signs rituals incantations

all praise forward motion

carrying myths from the ocean

we speak into existence we are

unbound acolytes free radials

creating what we need from

what we are gifted guided by the

invisible making snares pitfalls visible

altogether indivisible diaspora

is a wound & a sword we know

so we paint things blue start fires

sing loudly move to a drum only

we hear flourish in the face of fear

uprooted constantly itinerant no

skyline no hill no tree no landmarks

landless stewards unpaid servants

noble efforts higher purpose

invincible unbought unbossed

overstanding movement we call

down the sky to play the stars