glory & honor


we carry things

some our own

some older than us

some belong to others

we carry them all the same

in the tender light we navigate

by we religiously  carry

the jagged edges of

broken promises

the   tight tangle of


trees cut down bridges burned

sacks of ashes

watered by tears

salting open wounds

a legacy of

falling skies

dark corners

places where words failed

holes inside

filled with unrequited desire

dangerous dreams

and other sharp objects

we carry things we can’t set down

things that define the way we walk

this life the way we drink it down

the way we sing its song

burdens that bind us up

break us in places we can’t reach

bend us into shapes that won’t be remade

except by fire marching up mountains

or breaking cycles

things that

can’t understand themselves

instruct us to suffer the load

they can point the way

give you the reason

steel up your resolve to

lift them higher to dance them done

to settle the score right the scale

pay the debt find the balance

restore reciprocity

transform the load into

promises kept

honor restored