he touched me

with the thought of me

being beautiful moved

me by thinking i was

rare it made me hungry

for the way he saw me

he touched me

by seeing past the dust

a diamond underneath

so I aspired to reflect the

shine he saw he touched

me with the thought that

I was liquid fire capable of

burning that made me hot

steamy sexy he touched me

making me understand

I am a woman the music

called me he was jazz sweet

soul deep an addiction I

fed cause he touched me

showing me where my

heart was how big it was

how strong it beat he touched

me like a concert pianist plays

piano I sang along

cause he touched me so talented

wounded by his art lyricist

said the world I could see it

so I made it come true

then he was gone

I can still hear the music

& I know I am better

cause he touched me