standing in the storm

rust the soul

stand too long

you crumble

from within

the ocean leaking

from your middle

saltwater eating

at the outside

I was born  standing

in the storm long

drops falling without end

pregnant with sorrow

raining down trauma

I learned to eat the sun

to sew patches of night together

to hold over my head

disappearing at will

living like a virus underground

popping up in unexpected places

seeded and nurtured

seeding and nurturing

I will not drown

I give swimming lessons

got a wicked breaststroke

a killer high note

and a sword like pen

I’ll never starve

I  raise up fishermen

light bread

good for the getting

I’m serving if you listening

too long in the storm

tossed up by the waves

stranded on the shore

no boat no oars

all the verbs gone missing

lots of prayer

hands still no movement

amnesia in the air

thunder guns

chasing snaps

lightning madness

spread like clap

everywhere underwater

killing suns

& daughters

wading in the water

one behind the other

off to the slaughter

too long in the storm

want to be some other

song but this one still playing

music don’t stop

cause you change the station

head to the sky

become the river

stronger moving forward

than standing still

keep running at the sun

conquer the hill

higher ground

face to the stars

catch the rain on

your tongue

blow back fire

hands moving

become the whirlwind

light bread served

if you listening

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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