late to the dance floor



you should dance

the first time

you are asked.

Later is too late

most of the time.)

when they want to

they do like a swarm

best not to stand

in the way of mobbing

manifestations of destiny

don’t be dense when the

bell rings progress has come

too late to answer it you should

have been swinging I don’t know

how you forgot don’t know your

history can’t see your now what

the hell you on how deep you sleep

the music changed it was a

long time ago I told you we should

dance the dance floor gone they

put up condo’s market rate

you a dollar short and decades late

listen to my old jams

catch up & move on the road

is open again for reinvention

remember to remember and

you will know what to hold on to

its the boom ba boom the bounce

baby the funk we store in trunks

the drum sun mojo jive talk

anasi’s spirit your own godz

some soul for sure they

don’t make that good stuff

no more want you to border check it

to cross over so tape it to your

consciousness make better best

shape shift but never drift

far from you remember

how you walked in the storm this

far enough and some more



some more



some more


About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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