in the beginning (NPM2017 # 1)



in the beginning

before the day wakes up

i am whole

dreaming the world as it should be

i fly in my dreams

i can see in dreams

the dead whisper in dreams

i listen

they have let go of sorrow

their dreams have become

directions maps charts

i understand them

sometimes they want me to write it down

sometimes to say it

sometimes just to know it

i listen

I remember

I am their voice

they gave me mine

i am the opening

they hold the curtains

i am the tributary

they are the river

i am a pebble

they are the mountain

i remember

then the world’s engine begins

the lights come on

the merry go round starts

trauma wakes up

it gets hard to hear

hard to see

hard to remember

what i deserve

who i am

the voices from the mountian

the sun rises

i fracture

one who remembers

 one who battels the engine

to make time

to write down

to say

just to know