xodus: the requiem #1 ballad of struggle seed


by eesuu orundide for the lowerbottomplayaz.com

struggle seed

plays through the narrative

like pain oozing from piano keyz

underwater bluz

the weight of destiny

born eyes


privileged to see

I never close my eyes

ancestors talk to me

even if I wanted sleep

its test after test for me

long way to victory

still standing

they keep reminding me

even if I wanted to

I can’t help hear the music

they calling me

this ain’t the time to sleep

miles to go promises unkept

somebody got to keep

they say stick to it

they say it’s not the destination

they are very clear

it’s the way I walk

the way I move my hands

as I stand upright going forward

living my prayers creating what

I need the humble struggle seed

standing before the altar

still bleeding need

echoes of dogs barking at my heels

wolves at the wheel

things spoke about revealed

separating the chaff from the wheat

we got to know the real

prayer is better than sleep

on a battlefield you learn  to dance

you got to pray on your feet

keep moving

still North Star bound

an ocean rolling through the underground

the legend moves

so must I to eat

purpose on my breath refuse

to be a refugee the musics playing

I hope you can hear

I hope you are dancing

storm is coming tune the drums

here it come here it come

didn’t drown last time

here come another one

tune the drums

tune the drums

I hope that you

have learned to dance

do you hear the music

piano keyz

chain gang bluz

a walking tune

are you dancing