in conversation with God



17861709_10155304314536424_2604698520286078331_n.jpgdo you talk to God

do you listen when

God answers do you

overstand God’s will

God demands

you see God’s work

you can hear

God’s voice floating

in the vibration beneath

the surface of the

ocean phantoms below

feel God’s power

blowing in the wind

leveling the plains

moving the mountains

opening the skies

hanging the moon

pulling back the sun

do you listen to God

changing  the seasons

stringing the stars

holding up the firmament

dressing the trees

birthing in the midst of

burying mighty eternal

watching weighing measuring

do you listen to the holder

of scales the owner of darkness

the provider of light

the alpha the omega

the beginning

circling the end

do you listen?


image: serenamorelli from Ticky. Ticky. Boom!