Diary of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am. (Part I)


It’s short time. Only 9 days left until opening night. How much of what’s left undone can be done? Only the theater Godz know; and they ain’t talking right now.

But they will; they always do. In the end, it will be what it is, and we shall move on from there after collecting the lessons. We will build higher next time.

There is of course the merest possibility of going down in flames. I suppose this happens; but we know nothing of it except that we have seen it happen to others.

My mantra today; be kind to actors. They are a troublesome and childlike collection of talent we can’t create without even if it means no peace as you scramble to create with them. God bless them for what they do.

I will love producers knowing they make art possible even though they are often impossible. I will remember that at their core they love and value beauty despite the fact their eyes are always on accounting sheets.

I will be conscious of the elasticity of time; there is always enough. I will find and follow my rhythm and be in all the places I need to be on time and bearing grace. I will flow with the flow and in time with time.

I will trust in my gifts. I have always had all I need to get what ever I want. I trust that if I am true to craft it will support me. I will not be afraid of success; I will expect it.

I will recognize the blessing of too much work while others starve. I will remember that my work is my joy and be joyful in my work. When tired I will remember not to become weary.

It’s all blessings. I do the impossible. I know because I have consistently done it; this is cake.

Sept. 28, 2010