Diary of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am, Part 2


Last night the theater Godz spoke.

It was a glimpse of understanding portrayed in a brief moment of perfectly executed action.

It was a brief flash, but I got it, we can do.

Our rhythm is coming. I can see them beginning to really hear, I smell the impending approach of overstanding. The acting can cease when overstanding makes its appearance; the being can begin.

I took my first real breath in 3 weeks yesterday. It felt good. I know we can do it. But can we do it in time. We got to; that’s the battle cry of the Mad Creative, never enough money, never enough time –  but we got to. Got to open to the multi-verse. The ritual must be completed in time.

Being mindful of not being able to control it, I can only call on the power. The power resting in craft. Work. Work hard; then work harder. Grind till you’ve turned into diamond. Shine; it’s you duty.  Ain’t but one way through the portal.

Last night I saw the hallway. Can we get to and through the portal in time.

I’m betting on us, and I am not a betting woman. I grind.

We grind. Watch us grind. Watch us shine.

The power is within us.

Rest in Power August Wilson; we heed the call.

It’s all adventure. We signed up and didn’t even know it. Some people don’t like adventure; we know that’s all life is.