Diary of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am: Pt. 3


Short time is getting shorter.

Costumes, set, programs, show board, props, lights and sound all still need work.

Being a creative genius is not all its cracked up to be when your mind moves faster than your hands and the reality that you are confined to the same rules of matter, space and time as the rest of humanity sets in to humble you.

But a part of genius is the love the universe has for it, it opens to meet it.

Reinforcements have arrived. Someone crazy, absolutely nuttzz, and brilliant enough to see the potential, someone who done been baptized in hood fire and came out shining has come to be my extended brain. 50 track brain meets 50 track brain. He walks, he talks, he executes!

The tide is turning. It’s my turn. The theater Godz are grinning if not smiling. I know what pleases them and I will continue to sacrifice. But its hella proper that I should be blessed with a wingman just in time to stop me from losing my mind.

All say, “the Godz love a Grinder”.

I am encouraged.

Today I chart the final stretch; knowing full well Godzz laugh as people plan. I plan.

I need the Godzz to laugh with me as we ride the wave through the portal in time with time. May their laughter reverberate in our souls and in the heart of the multi-verse as it opens to allow our passage though the portal. Let us be all we were meant to be.

We who create in the valley of shadow, ask passage. Laugh with us as we do the impossible. Let us be light. Let us shine for you.

We are sprinting now. The finish line is moving towards us as we race it to the portal door. The ritual is in full swing; we have been waiting.

Look out. We’re on a move now.

Some else believes it can be done. They can see it. That makes three, them, him and me.

& where there are 3…