Diary of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am. Part 10


The din of the Theater Godz is deafening; their roar stills the rest of the world.We are about to be born. The portal is opening.

Zen time.

Rubber meets road here, but the time to bemoan final fates is past. We will be standing naked on life’s stage in hours.

But we have already defined the parameters of our success. We still need work. We know. We need more time, we know.  We also know that the time is now. Some may understand this as: its showtime, now you stand or fall.

You need to understand that if there is a showtime-we have stood. We will be better tomorrow, and a force to be reckoned with in our final three shows, but tonight we prove who we are, to ourselves, and the world.

If we show up, the show goes up, and we lay it on the stage from begining to end; we are victors.

We win over too little time, not enough money, unfavorable circumstance and anything else you can think of that should of took us out the game. We are who we say we are. We insist on writing our own story and in our story we are victors. We will win because we refuse to fail. We will show up, and stand up, if we should fall; you will find us standing in the same place the next night better for it. We understand that we lead by example so tonight we show you how to show up.

For us the theater is not just acting on stage; its about acting in life. We show up. We stand up. We change things by the work of our hands. Obstacles are invitations to inspiration. We are able to put “us” above I and the story above “us”. We are intensely sincere in our desire to model and embody self articulation for our community. We are committed to success. We persevere, we overcome, and have no doubt, in the end, we will excel.

Showtime! I love it. I am at the head of a most magnificent ship there is. Tonight we dock. The journey has been a life changer. I have never felt so good about holding my head high, no matter what. I am the Director of The Lower Bottom Playaz, and we are a hot ticket. We open tonight in Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean. If you love us, Wilson, or a good scrap, come check us out.

Come to cheer for us standing up, and then next week come back and cheer for us showing out!

No matter what, I know we got Wilson smiling. We are working on the wheel; we get it, it ain’t all what it seems.

We got our anointing from Wilson; come get yours.