Diary of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am. Pt 11


We were born last night.

In the glare of the lights, on a beautiful set, with a packed house, during a balmy evening that was perfect for outdoor theater; we took our first steps.

We stood and we walked.

There is much room for improvement; we are on it.

Like a newborn child we will develop at a furious pace.

The roar was nice, but this is not the time to bask, it’s time to grind.

We are still grinding. Pressure has offered up a diamond, but diamonds must be cut and fit into settings. We will continue to grind.

We are the kind of tired you are after a long day’s work and we are up early in the morning, no time to rest. Not yet. But it’s ok.

We made an effort and witnessed the universe opening to meet us.

Once again the ritual worked, and it worked in time. We are here; ten toes, ten fingers, two eyes and the little squint will fade in time. We are alive and kicking it in the Bottom of the World. Come to West Oakland, see some theater, get ya soul washed.

Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean runs through the 17th of October on weekends and we will be there getting better with each show.

I think we are approaching full-grown in grand style.

A few more miles to go before we sleep.

But the forest is beautiful and we are too.