Sunday Sermon for 10/10/10: The art of seeing the blessings.


I am blessed.

I got good times and bad times just like you; but I stay blest.

I am a blessing, seeing blessings all around, expecting blessing and constantly receiving them.

If you woke up you are blessed,

perhaps with nothing more than the chance to struggle another day, but you are blessed none the less.

They say where there is life; there is hope. Where there is hope, faith can live. Faith can move mountains or give you the strength to go around them.

It rains on every man’s house; but the sun also shines in the places rain falls.

They got a t-shirt that says, “Shit happens.” It’s on a t-shirt, therefore it must be true. But if you pay attention it just says “shit” happens.  If you have the right perspective you can see that it means good shit can happen too. Matter a fact your trouble might be someone else’s lucky break. It’s always a matter of perspective. If you have the perspective that its all blessings, then even in your troubled times you move forward, thankful for the lessons and a little taller inside.

There must be pain for joy to exist. Without tears what do smiles mean? If it never gets dark, light loses its meaning. Sugar and salt are a part of the journey; both meaningful and necessary. Seeds sprout in the dark and grow towards the sun. Everything dies in the winter and is reborn in the Spring.

Things just “are”; “is,” is. Trouble will happen if you are alive. But if obstacles can be seen as opportunities for inspiration, then what can stop you? What can you become if everything feeds you, even your bad times?

There is an art in seeing the blessing; an art in finding the lesson. To become proficient in this art is a blessing within it self.  Here is the land, in which there is always a way to move forward, you pay for the lessons and you grow.


yeah though I dwell in the valley of sorrow

I say ashe

I Godz remember I

don’t let I be fuel for the fire

& I remember to say yes

test I mettle to make it stronger

send I mountains I’m gon climb ’em

with I head high & heart full of song

close every path

I’ll still find them

remember I

the lioness

standing after the battle

separated from the sheep

like chafe from wheat

thankful for all

prayer is better than sleep

I Godz dress I to stand on I own two feet

I Godz remember me

people I sleep with elders

path finders direction reminders

clear away all I own

and bless I with the new

may I always come anew

strip away all I don’t need

and teach I to fly unafraid

give I enough

tears to clear I vision

heart to stand I ground

love to understand

courage to sing the loudest

when its darkest

to be the warmest

when the worlds too cold

never will I be broken

ain’t no weapons that can prevail

right is I banner

truth is I sword

moving ever forward

that’s I reward

if you see I in the valley

remember there’s iron in I soul

when I’m crying

I’m giving tears their way

the fire is never far away

when I’m shining

I’m never satisfied

gonna go forward as long as there is life

nothing is earned without sacrifice

so bless me to grind

for the rest of I life

and a few years after I die

raise I like sun

teach I and watch I learn

I don’t know how to be afraid

I want I God to be proud of

what life gifted made

so I recognize

I got I Godz attention

the gifts, the test, the miles before I rest,

I don’t forget that I blest