Dairy of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am Pt. 12


We are who we say we are.

Standing in the footlights paving a road others can follow.

We are on the top of the mountain looking around at the terrain we have traveled.

We are all need rest like air but for now we sport silly grins. Everybody says they had no doubt we would land on our feet. Nice to hear. I’m glad it looks easy; in reality it was brutal.

But here we stand, a bit bloody but unbowed. As predicted each performance improves. We are in the pocket now. We are finally at the good spot; lights, audiences, and applause. This is the part others see. But the unseen remains the truest drama. One day we may be smart enough to package that.

For now its enough if we can remember where our real growth comes from. Rehearsals should be revered by all performers for it is there that the most growth occurs. The performances are icing. Performance is the strutting of works that should only be allowed on stage after rigorous preparation.  Performers are not made on stage but in the preparation for stage. Art is a discipline; one should expect to apply oneself.

I tell actors that I am not interested in actors; I am interested in people who can help me bring life to the stage. I tell them that acting bores me to tears; I am interested in “being”, those who can “become” the characters. Some understand and we build together. Others don’t understand and they leave confused by their own conceptions of what they think performing is about. Some find the process too grueling and some are only interested in a fast track to Hollywood. I pick through the chafe and cherish the wheat.

The run will be successful, we are doing justice to Wilson and our selves, and though it’s a tough time all around; we are on track, and our future looks bright.

Look for us in the footlights, and wear your shades cause we shine.