Blue Ball (From ‘That New Millennium Dime’)


oludumare creator of glaxies

Blue Ball

one ocean/one tree/one/u

lookin for water/on the


mars/yet u the one

that poisoned the earths rivers/ fish

in the lake/the

ocean/full of antidepressants/

fantastic/ya dumb ass invented plastic

spray more/harvest more

clone it/they dont need to know

make it from corn/its all corn & sugar anyway/thats how you feed slaves

better than/ chickens/ cows/

just barely/





can kill you

wax them apples/make ’em shine

dig here/build there/dont care where the

mountain lions/deers/bears live

shoot ’em if they show themselves

we r here/ 3200 sq feet & a view

w a jacuzzi/lovin nature

put them animals in a zoo/noah had a good idea

/tunnel there/dam that/level that/cut it up/dig it up/build a fence around it/

/when in doubt

kill it/

build parquet floors with those trees/make tennis racquets with the others

clear the forest for low income housing

drill off shore /forget



acid rain/tsunami/cyclone/hurricane/


nature can be a cold bitch/woman scorned syndrome-humanity as an infestation/that

must be purged/extinguished

like a flame/fire next time/

& then/

perhaps a new ice age/the dust know/but

we forgot

we should


made more than we could use/take

w/0 replenishing/greedy

ungrateful bastards/better than nature?

synthetic/test tube/NEW/under godz sun?/artificial

intelligence/WE GOD mentality/the dust know

/but do we/?/done

did/too much/ask the dust

kill with efficiency/accidentally/ dead is


the dust know/dead is dead/sun

no ozone dead/ no season species die dead/misdirected

migrations/the bees left/fend

for self/ in the “man-made” valley

of death/where air

will be sold/b4 the dust

speaks for all of us/

silent as a dead forest/

one open grave/go

ask the dust.