That New Millennium Dime: War



good for absolutely nuthin

laughing wolves wage war worldwide/the

tears of mothers fill seven seas/seals

have been broken/the veil

is torn/

the dead

maybe the lucky ones/night

has farther to fall/b4

day breaks/children soldiers/patriot terrorist/


the fall of eden/&babylon/swallowed

in a cloud of greed/colored bright red by hate

sandwiched sloppily between fear & need/

murderous marches into territories occupied by human lives/

we are master mercenaries/we will kill/

4 money/oil/land/diamonds/water/salt/food & housing/education/

benefits/that don’t exist on a barren planet/

ask the silent forest in russia about nuclear winter/ask

the coffins in the cemeteries w/tattered flags forlornly fluttering/ask

the ghost tied to the mass burial grounds/ask the dust

/ask the dust/

as night falls slowly/over nothing/who

will ask?

/the dust dont know/

but we should have/

we built bombs that only kill people/industry is sacrosanct/ ask the dust

the dust dont know/it just is

settling softly over all/that could have been/will never be

/not speaking the lies

boardroom deals/war is big business

/ask the orphans/

living in the shadow of reparated opulence in Dar Salaam/or ask the dust

neither speak/but money do

religious war/warring religously

ethnic cleansing genocide by stealth/bio terrorism in lands where nutricide/homicide&sucide hold hands/served in a buffet of diseased blankets & cultural distortion/alcohol/medical experiments/crack/ice/meth & x/keep you at war w/yourself/lost soldiers/can’t find the battlefield/war with everyone else


as population containment/war

as a form of exploration prior to exploitation/ war

a budget balancer for billionaires/war

the dead don’t talk/but money do/war

Cain slew Able