That New Millennium Dime: Polytricks Draft 6#



Nothin good/can ever come

of a herd of

sheep/following a pack/

of wolves/

the sheep

are deaf/blind/walk in their sleep/

the wolves

are wide awake/ravenous/sharp teeth/mean dogs

known for shitting where they eat/

/who left the wolves to tend the sheep/

wolves say

sheep picked them/

/lions say

the wolves tricked ’em /ya been bamboozled

/ tainted milk/

/laced with poisoned honey/

noses to the grindstone

/the three card shuffle is on/sell ’em whats behind door number 2

if they buy that shit/sell ’em this too/

tell ’em the first one is free/get in line early/for a small fee/

ya get two for the price of three/deluxe luxury

last survivor gets groceries/tomorrow

promise them a tomorrow/they will follow

/we gon work it out


for now just follow/dont remove the blindfold/please/no references to history/

pay no attention to what you think you see/keep your mind in the car/ignore what you hear/the biggest conspiracy is the conspiracy to convince you there is no conspiracy/bloodlines/lines of blood/cost a lot to make you dumb/cheaper to divide ya/fight amongst yourselves/sell you the guns/supply choices/ conclusions/help you draw lines/we got peace keepers/sell ya street sweepers/we got grief givers/& grief relievers/mass deceivers/buy & sell you/pen stroke ya/veto you/legislate ya/charge you/fine you/fee please/define for you/spin you/spin it/spend it/steal it/blame the wolves/or blame

the believers/


following wolves/nothin good

can ever come from/

litanies of legal fictions/father knows best

/keeps the truth close to his chest/they dont really care about us

content to devour/you & toto too/sneaky sorcerers

/manifesting ya destiny/

cooking books&sound bits/mixing media

/to feed sheep/50 in flat screens in a soft economy/3 D stupidity 24×7 on tv/

buy what you see/hear/can be made to believe/

the wizard is in/news at 11/

lead story

/wolves save world/ super wolves/sheep applaud/ still sleep/meanwhile

behind the /edited/ scenes/

wolves divide world/sheep sleep on/

wolves on verge of destroying world/film destroyed/ sleeping sheep destroy walmart on black friday/news at six

sheep march for immigration rights/ice raids school/polytricksters make deals on super hi way in euro dollars/us economy plunges/real estate is big in viet nam/iran/iraq/as are war criminals/buying land/investments in infrastructure/drugs/ dope the conquered/wanna party in dar salaam/wars are real estate forays/shoplifting excursions/the secret is they are society/ they dont really care about us/super wolves/super schemes/sleeping sheep/slippery slopes/more sheep slain/no news/

lead story

/giants win/

national guard on street in oakland for oscar grant rally/no coverage/

marchers riot/ film at six ten eleven & during regular programing/

sheep asleep/casualties high/tree lighting news at eleven

father knows best/keeps the truth close to his chest/aint no profit in peace

sheep are chess pieces/you aint in the game/the house is crooked/vote on that/door is nailed shut/you aint invited/ if you found the game/ it aint the game/you got the wrong chips/wooden chips/try cashing them in/you been cashed out/yesterday

wait till tomorrow/follow

line up the lies are free/sign up/serve/join/protect/worship/defend//keep ya eyes closed/dont peek/the majick works best w/eyes closed/stay sleep/tomorrow/we will work it out/ tomorrow/smolder in the glitter/splash in the shards of shattered useless shiny things/more tomorrow/stay tuned/sales/free fear/sales/more tomorrow/for rent/for sale/lease cheap/tomorrow/we will work it out/sweet dreams/

its only a problem if you wake up.