That New Millenium Dime: Men Wanted/Brother. Brother 7th installment.


Men wanted/to hold their ground/to keep heads to sky/wanted/in

arms/homes/hearts/lives/wanted/by their wives/sons/daughters/brothers/nation/block/hood/mothers/fathers/sisters/wanted/for lifting/carrying/loving/protecting/guidance/counsel/wanted/for dreaming on/ needed urgently/because

the world needs the image of god/men wanted/made in the image of god

Brother. Brother

head up/be up to it/sky up/god up/

nights are longer here/bring me the sun/light this up/

i speak of kings/known not for the show of wealth/but rich cats/with heart/known for being a man/hard ground that/but he cover it/invincible/cant be broken/bury him first/wild flowers will grow where he lies/known for being a man/not broken/determined/work all day/laugh deep like thunder clapping/love hard/aint ‘fraid to cry/over birth/death/and in love/known for being a man/hard ground/kneel only to pray/willing to be the last man/raises men/known for being a man/i speak of kings/builders/not broken/husbands/lovers/fathers/

create hope/sometimes thats all there is to eat

still hungry/create more

if you want more than hope/make it

ya been making it/a way.outta nothing/

making it/with the world riding you/making it

shake/rumble & roll/strutting it/two dice & a nickel/

w/only a song/balling/trying get on the ball/playing ball/not playing/just balling/living to ball/trying get the ball/holding ya’ balls/protect ya neck/ & ya balls/

sumtimes seem like thats what you got/balls sans opportunity/brass balls/elephant

balls/you still here? . man thats balls/

have the balls to raise your children/thats revolution. man

raise your daughters/show them what it means to be treasured/raise your sons

feed them hope/sometimes thats all there is/

but it taste better than excuses/no money/no job/no ride/its yo mamas fault/i would have/should have/was sick/too young/too dumb/not ready

get ready/there is a storm coming

/think its wet now/

a storm is coming

/better build an ark/

better think like noah/think/past today/plan to live tomorrow/plan to live

be a man

/if no one showed you how/be what you missed/be what you need/be what we need

plan to be/tomorrow is planned today/are you ready/?/
ready for a storm/locked in/locked out/out group/outside/inside out

who you gon be to survive/better be like noah/build sumpthin or get washed away/

feed your family/dont let them starve mentally/what you know to teach them/

ignorance is a storm/your children are hungry/dont let them drown

feed them hope/if they still cant swim/teach ’em to fish/

become a fisherman

there is a storm coming/are you ready

what if master wont feed you/

are you ready/what if the slaves are really freed/are you ready/

if no lights come on/when bread cost ten dollars/when they wanna sell air/

what you gonna do/when the storm come

is ya amo dry/?/.dare/nuthin to lose but shackles/

god up

create/you are the calvary/go

/shape shift/get out the lane/quit the game/its rigged/ya chips are wooden

try cashing ’em in/bamboozled

better recognize the truth

/sharpen to a sword& make a point/storm is coming/

stay off the merry go round/tickets to the ship are free/lock up those who wont play/

the game is crooked/you pay to get in&out/grab ya balls/this is risky business

i speak of kings/easy boys/ride the ship/incarceration is a plantation/real world is harder

ask ya son/ in the cell across the tier/whose raising your grandson/& it don’t stop

is your amo dry/?/ recognize the truth/swordpoint it/get free/

make sumpthin/made man

what you make/make sumpthin

we got needs/supply them/

fresh food/clothes/housing/essentials dont change/still sell like crack

/rock up your resolve/be solid

refuse to die for shiny shit/decide what to live for

/decide to live/live & let live/you are ya brothers keeper/feed him/less likely to rob you/respect him/teach him to respect you/i speak of kings

is your amo dry/?/

to be cont.