That New Millennium Dime: The People, Installment # 12 pt 2


Part Two

we the people/

who/us/me & u/

the wolves work for us/read the constitution/not a good read

but it sold well/

in our name/we the people/don’t care how u got here/we the people

payin the cost/of the wolves/who boss the boss/we/the people/own this shit

how you let the butler put you on a budget/flip scripted

free range conscripted/shipped off to kill/for better tomorrows/patriots

who won’t read the constitution/not a good read/but it sold well/we

ain’t who we say we are/we lie/we cheat/lack grace/we got big feet/eco stepping & polluting cross borders/sell ’em clean water/say you free/just don’t disagree/free speech/just no hard truths/turn your head/muzzle your mouth/don’t see/pay

the fee/



cost/to be bossed/by wolves/we the people/?/

ain’t no streets paved w/gold here/steroids in the milk/what the hell happened to the honey bees/?/& the american farm/corporate ownership of your shit/

we the people/what happened/

asleep at the wheel/?/

dinner napkin turned paper towel/we the people

dying of hunger/in the home of the free/where you are free to freeze on the streets/

home of the brave/incarcerate more people than any other free nation/war around the

world/hands in many pies/death in the drugstore/in the supermarket/

drugs in the water/lead on the playground/open a prison/close a school/

we the people/asleep at the wheel/

old people eat dog food/ no one can afford medicine/how bread cost 5 dollars a loaf/we the people/what happened/asleep at the wheel/

therapist chide clients who live off 800 a month over survival sex/ obsessed with sex /gay rights/right to life/life on the street/bank own all the houses/jobs overseas/need a degree/school closed/fees up/rent too damn high/2000 a month to live by a trailer park/in the hood/asleep at the wheel/will kill for an education/a house/a sliver of the american dream/we the people/asleep at the wheel/we ain’t who we say we are

we the people/pay charlatans to mind the store/we bankrupt/got caught with our hands in our pants/wolves took the day and sold it back on a margin/we the people/made in the usa/known for pandering shiny shit/apathy/tv to keep you sleep@the wheel/wolves driving/car full of sheep/the new white meat/sharks gotta eat/sheep dont count/we the people/muted/unplugged/distracted by survival/praying/afraid of the dark we co signed/down to our last dime/who we gonna call/no innocence/just innocents/ waiting/ on we the people/bout to be run over by the wheel/sacrificed to wolves/w no flags/ pockets stuffed with currency/no loyalty/they put god on the money/see what they pray to/ in our name/we the people/aint got no money/we the people/in our name/ graveyards fill as bellies empty/in our name/we the people/what happened/?/bloated bureaucracies eating our tomorrows & shitting on today/

we the people


asleep at the wheel/

wolves driving the car/car full of sheep/

we the people

Part Three