That New Millennium Dime: The People, pt 3 installment#13


Part Three

the people/we the people/my people

asleep @ the wheel/ in the trunk of the car/

wolves driving the car/

/car full of sheep/


my people/ sleeping on the bottom/bottom of  the boat/sleeping on the ocean floor/my people


/to survive/


/in rebirth/

laboring/building gardens for others/laboring

clearing/cleaning/tending/bending/unsoothed soothers/w/o refuge/laboring/

my people/building wealth for others/laboring

the bones & blood at the foundation/the mortar

/the stone the builder rejected/thus the foundation is defective/my people

laboring/building a circle/they remain outside/laboring/

singing in a different tongue/growing in adversity

/inverted/rebirthing/a way out of no way/my people/refusing to perish

my people/laboring/an army asleep/birthing itself/laboring to survive


served with a side of gin & a bag of desire/my people/seeking better tomorrows

laboring/to survive today/

/my people/

the wheel is broken

/my people/

the wheel is broken

/sumbody gotta fix the wheel/

my people/needing

clear direction/more gumption/more grit/ a war chant/ an old dance/a million tongues/clear vision in the static/bull shit detectors/a prime directive/to embrace each other/to remember/one tribe here/one tribe/needing/a million hands/one voice/a million feet/one voice/to beat the drum/remind the pendulum its time to go/my people/go/one voice/ sounding like Shango/ battle cry/ one voice/ what we do w/freedom/?/what freedom/?/asleep @ the wheel/segregation might have been freedom/asleep @ the wheel/integration coulda been reverse penicillin/  you well/?/how civil is it to fight for rights/?/my people/turned left/maybe shoulda went right to the throat of the matter/ my people/ trusting kidnapping wolves to save them from the trap the wolves set for them/asleep/on the merry go round/sales/bail/cases/easy guns/easy drugs/gas station food/more jail than school/robbery/treating each other like property/killing me/sumtimes not so softly/shooting one another/revolution reduced to looting/my people/fannon speak to us/help me cure stockholm syndrome/my people/asleep/wheel broke/wolves driving /car full of sheep/my people/bound by want

there is no milk & honey/that lie was written on your bowed back/bound by want/

want to be like mike/mike sick/bound by want

want to be down/ bound by want

wanna forget/riding in the trunk/wolves driving the car/car full of sheep/

/bound by want/my people asleep/



invested in their oppression/trying to be like mike/we like what he like/

amos & andy me/see me buck & wing/shake that thing/yasah/!/brought stock on wall street/where the slave pens used to be/good enough for mike/?/good enough for me/

we free

/to be slave catchers/free to belive we free/stop looking for freedom/drink the damn kool aid/ya free/free to surrender/cross borders & kill on order/ ya free to kill each other/sell dope to ya mother/abandon ya kids/ya know how ya live/tickets for the merry go round are free/funded by the wolves/ya free to ride/free to die/free to drink chemical alcohol/made it fa ya/newport/?/take two/gotta some extra longs/inhale the dream/made ya some shiny worthless shit/go out and kill to get it/wolves wanna see ya with it/ya free/consume the red velvet lies/its just a boat ride/free to forget/who pushed who first/free ya self from memory/forget american apartheid/ya free to forget fighting for human rights & ya free to keep fighting each other on saturday nights/free

my people/searching for keys/keys to survival/ keys to tomorrow/trying find the wheel/my people/in search of destiny/a new tribe/north american african/my people/in rebirth/looking for leaders/every woman/child & man need to be central command/need a sign/be the sign/the light is green/

quit waiting to go/go

my people waiting/waiting to go/gone fishing/hooked on the hooks/polytricking & praying/marching to no where/locked up/locked out/ on lock/locked down/waiting/for the hearing/the sentencing/the release date/in line to get a ticket for the merry go round/my people/ keep bringing knives to gun fights/trapped in a crooked house/scared to turn out the lights/my people/looking for the wheel/knowing its round midnight/dark enough to wish for daylight/everything given aint what it seem/everything will not be given/

some things require a fight/cant

hang w hawks/serve the tea party/feed wolves/

refuse the ride/car full of sleeping sheep/

wolves driving/dont matter if the trunk is lined in red velvet/its the trunk/& you aint mike/& them sheep are getting fleeced/

the wheel is broken/defective foundation

the game is rigged/the house is crooked

how you right a foundation/?/

you cant win a crooked game even if they let you deal/tell the president/he might have wooden nickels too/wolves driving the car/ask him how you right a foundation

/the house is crooked/

we dont need a new deal we need a new game

/the wheel is broke/

gotta fix the wheel/

wheel broke/

/gotta fix the wheel/

my people

/wolves driving/car full of sheep/

gotta fix the wheel