The New Millennium Dime: Them People, Installment 14


/They dont really care about us/


/them people/


/them people that did it/them people that didnt do nothing/them people who made it happen/let it happen/them/those people/not us people/other people/them people/who ruined it/wasted it/broke it/peed on it/them/those folks/not us/them/the other/not us people/they did it/they caused it/they made it/they brought it to the table/tied it to the wheel/them people with the bullshit/packaging it/slanging it/buying it/accepting it/them people/them dumb people/the ones that dont know no better/we need to teach em/them people/the bad ones/w/o/god/heathen people/them/the they folks/ya heard what they say bout them/them people/that craft the evil/them people who ignore the shadows/the cracks/the lies/the sins/them/the sheep people/the wolf people/the people who see and dont say/the people who hear and wont know/the knowers who lie/the people who continue/knowing the wheel is broke/them/all us/them/we them/we are they/they are us/we them people/

are we who we want to be/??/