That New Millennium Dime: i, Installment # 16



am the she/

& shes the builder/


once lost/now seeking found/i

say dont scratch too deep/you might be frighten by what you see/i

see forever/it makes me cry/i remember to try/i been known to stumble/i seen i fall/i found clarity in the valley/out of the shadow/i make light/out of wrongs i fashion rites/to help i get right/stay right/be right/i remember grind to shine/diamonds admire pressure/became willow long ago/oak woulda  broke/i know/i am not afraid to know/i carry the burden/like a gift/i know/i see/the path is clear/i listen close/i hear/i remember not to forget/somebody must tell the story/ some tongue must testify/i carry the words/the burden is a gift/i say/& may we be moved/the foundation is crooked/i offer ground to stand on/consecrated by the blood of ancestors/ i walk my talk/better to firm the ground/i have considered the ground/a path in the darkness/voices from the ocean/unmarked graves/the graveyard of the sorrowland/the walking dead talk to me/the dust whispers/& i listen/unafraid/ remembering/that i can only know what the dust know/i listen/i see/i say/canary me/singing/one word/go/i see forever &  cry/i smell storm/i want an ark/i wonder if we know who we are/i wonder why we wait/i wonder/i see/i hear & i wonder/about absolute truth/right&wrong/perspective/other peoples gardens/burdens/the sins of fathers/future children/the future/i hear thunder in the distance/i wonder bout roads not taken/the loves i forsake/if i can die of heartbreak/if theres time to fix all the mistakes/time for another take/i wonder/while i remember/now is all there is/so i keep dancing/trying get it how i live/giving it all i got/admitting it cost a lot/i keep on dancing/i am of fire/i am not done burning/out of shadow/creating/roadmaps w/o detours to the merry go round/endless problems /i count blessings/they are infinite/i started before i began/i will go on after i am done/i flow on that ocean/yes/i am what i was told to be/i listen/i am blessed & burdened/i carry the words/i would be food/feeding an army of seers who know & aint afraid of knowing/i tend the boneyard/crafting signs of life/ready to go/?/

i already gone / looking for the willing

/r u willing to be free/

r u listening 4 the battle cry/?/i think about right foundations/u ready to go/?/

r u willing/i already gone