That New Millennium Dime, Money, Installment 17



man made/not god given/god gives/man sells/

cant own nothing/didnt bring nothing with him/cant take nothing with him/god gave/god gave nature/nature gives/man sells/cant take nothing with him/not even the money/man made/

u only take what u brought /cant take the things you bought/remember the needles eye/

money/u can put gods name on it/he still dont want it/he own everything/

he dont need/man needs/god gives/man sells/

dreams/sweat of his brow/dignity/creativity/inventiveness/science/medicine/water/earth/minerals/shiny shit/ideas/fear/ideology/religion/justice/freedom/security/


you cant give god money/who you tithing to/give god your heart

/your time/your faith/your hands/

do not send money/god dont want it/

god gave you hands/build him something

/u can start w/ a better today/

feed somebody/give somebody a chance/god gives

/man sells

/man needs/

man buys


an illusion

/worth what you think its worth/like shiny shit

/better to have power/

power can turn money into sea shells/beach littered with euros & dollars/time you find out there aint no seashells to be found/

ask a conquered government/

god gave you power/did you sell it/sell it for rent money/trade it for shiny shit/

god gives

/gave you eyes to see/

how much is smoke worth/?/

ask the dust/the dust wont tell you/ aint no garbage cans on earth/

man sells/shiny shit/& the space to throw it away/build condominiums on waste/filling the land god gave with what man sells/money/a curse/ visited by the greedy

those with a love of fences/sold by the foot

to fence/what god gave/man sold/dont own nothing/musta stole from god/

god gave/owns all/needs nothing/ man needs

be godlike/give/

be godfilled/give

give like god/man sells

things that end up in the garbage/waste what god gave

/man needs/

god gives

/gave everything a place/

how things get so out of place/who reordered what god ordered/

money/got a mind of its own/it dont mind the fact u dont matter/money is mind over matter/u aint got none it dont mind/ & you dont matter/money/ aint got a flag/can afford to be disloyal/only clings to itself/creates lack/creates want/creates rocks to crash on/dont exist/is a trick/comodifies everything/

is only worth what you think it is

like/diamonds/fur/cars/flat screens/property in gentrified neighborhoods/

/only worth what you are willing to pay/

pay to play lives/money did that

/we used to make things/we used to grow things

they patented nature/fruit wont grow fruit/money will/ask the farmers

god gave us seeds/

/now we buy/man made cloned nature/

/water polluted to make things to sell/sell clean water

god gave rain/man sells water/we buy

money rules/wooden nickels & dirty paper/

makes swallowers out of  dreamers/condoms swollen with heroin/cocaine/death in a bag/dreaming of better tomorrows/as ballon payments loom on ruptured horizons/overdosing on need/want is like poison in the belly/bleeding out today

/for the love of money/

we sell today/looking for tomorrow/

we buy dreams/& only want brand names

/no more homemade/

/want someone elses name on our chest/

called branding/we want whips & chains/we bling blind/two times drunk on shine/

man needs/god gave/man sells/we buy

/dreams money dreamed/

empty/dirty/bankrupt/& blind

/can we buy our humanity back/?/