Dirt – From That New Millennium Dime


the people

/slowly returning/to the land/


slow food

/looking for sustenance in the sustainable

green ways/leaning on unknowing/relearning/undoing

re/remembering what we never should have forgotten/

from dust to dust/how we forget that/2/3’s water/how

we forget that/god alchemy/mimic nature/

gods law is nature/dust know

how we forget

from dust to dust

we are dirt & water

stardust & gods tears

how we forget

the dust know

star dust & tears

how we forget

lookin for heaven/killin it daily/

lookin for god/a billion miles away/

from the concrete sea/ away from the neon sky/

if you cant find her face ask your self why/&

turn back/ dont trust the left or the right/turn

back/jesus turned water to wine/sand to dust might

be the trick this time/pull a lazarus for all of us/

make us 1/2 as smart as god made dust/

how could we forget

star dust & tears/ the arrogance of mis spent

centuries/ against a few million years/we just

star dust & tears/sun sets/ moons rise/rituals

of star dust & tears aside/

nature will abide

sun sets/ moons rise/we were never meant/

to sell dirt or water/mimic nature & we dont need

antibiotics/dust to dust/slowly/ finding sustenance in the sustainable/

no garbage cans/ a one tree kind of world/green for real/back to/

all you got is what your hands make/suns set/monsanto didnt mimic/

stole & sold/fast majick/sleight of conciseness/the sun will set/cloned

sheep/frankenbeef/slow cancer/for everybody/live long enough the mummered

pathologist/we are the cancer moaned the mage/stardust & tears/in

desperate need

of unlearning/

turning/leaping backwards

dont trust/

the left or the right

/mimic nature/slow down


god alchemy/

nature/the only

law/blueprint for the living/

dust to dust/

sunset & moonrise

plagues are cured by plague

nature abides

always & forever

god alchemy

the only law

how we forget

to remember