A Song for Dirt & Water from “That New Millennium Dime”


this is a song for

dirt & water

star dust & tears

a dark cosmic prayer

for redeemption

help us forget

what we never needed to know


beat the drum slowly/find the road

we are ready to go

must there be blood

plagues & war

how much does it cost to ignore

drunken children pissing in the ocean/while nero fiddles

havent we been here


this is a song



star dusted complexity & tears

i thought god had given orders

now i cant remember

cause of what he let me see

from chaos flows divine order

this a song



though we swore we’d never pass this way again

ain’t we been here before

sounds of drums

women crying

the smell of death

greedy men lying

how much is a mountain worth

if its the only one

some one said suns set

moons rise/ we suffer because we forget

dust to dust

2/3s water

natures law is divine order

flowing from chaos

gods breath in all of us

holding hands on the precipice

drunk on arrogance

stupid enough to jump

plugged in

gone virtually viral

we order

they deliver

our lives are scars

what if nature decides to heal

this a song for


sing loudly

while we here