Comments on Walking thru Fire or Banging Full Metal


Woke up this morning and I could breathe again.

I knew it would be like this. Of course there is still a shit load that could go wrong. But that’s life. You’re crossing the street and a bus hits you. Can’t do anything about the random crap that can and often does go wrong. But I have done me proud. I am lighter this morning if sore and bruised. My spirit is light and soul satisfied. The warrior has survived the battle and is here writing about it.

Marvin X talks about Block Man. The world is full of 8RS. Some say if you ain’t got a couple you ain’t done nothing. An interesting perspective: your success weighed against the people who begrudge it. My grandmother is the first person I can remember talking about folks who would not kill anything nor would they allow it to die. I loathe the presence of a person who insist on complicating the simple. I abhor those who traffic in road blocks. For me that’s like a red flag to a bull.

I have reached a point in life where I exercise my option to do what feeds my soul. The universe is so pleased with my decision it has allowed me to make a living doing so. I remember what the Most High told me to do and in every action undertaken I strive to manifest what has been gifted to me; may my ancestor’s be pleased.

I am a warrior. Sometimes I find myself bewildered at the spaces that become battlefields. Where one seeks to be the purest and do the most good one often encounters the most vicious resistance. I am always aware of the weight of living in a state of constant war. I meditate to soften my heart as my mind sharpens my resolve to steel. The tension between the two squeezes me like a vise and I long for places where the ground is even but I am extremely proficient at walking uphill.

I travel armed. I am prayed up, walking with the ancestors, standing in the light, and we can still take it to the streets if that’s how you want it. I am a general. I got folks. We got standards and rules we live by. We don’t care who you are, we do us, and we good at seeing how you do you. At the end of the day we are more than willing to check in with you and see how that’s working out for you. You’ll find us on the other side of the finish line.

We don’t lose, we don’t quit, we don’t know how to stop- don’t know no direction but forward. How you gonna whip folks who refuse to lose. We legion- raising babies who think just like us. We are pouring  foundation – the ancestors want institution; we walking on a path well worn. We know the way in the dark and we know how to make light. What you gonna do with us, Whom Jah done blessed?