abundant prosperity


I am abundance I manifest yes
The universe knows my name
I am greeted by blue jays & sparrows
followed by crows and video
often photographed
If you seen my aura you know it glows
No big secret there is an s on the chest
Beneath the dress
Blest not only with what I got
But also by the afflictions I have not
Gave away greed & became free from need
Abundant I manifest yes
Raised 7 children of my own
& at least seven more
Sometimes so many in the house
We overflow beds onto floors
Everybody eating
Joy come in the morning
No weeping we all got shine we need to refine
We becoming
Just need space and time
Didn’t give ‘em the world
But I gave ‘em razor sharp minds
Whatever they seek mama know
They gone find
If there are mountains on the path
We know how to climb
Not afraid of putting in work
To get to the front of the line
We diamond
Pressure just make us shine
I am abundance yes I manifest
No 1 spitter
Pure dope
Bout a 4 hitter

demonstrated decorated vet

Flow so so correct
My picture on your flyer
Sell out the sound check
I never chase the cool
I make & break my own rules
If you don’t know
Take a seat I school
I create therefore I am
Who I say I am
My shadow cover all the ground
on which I stand in alignment
with the master’s plan
building a mount thai life
bout that high life
best of everything
including divine intentions
did I mention
everything I touch grow
I am abundance I manifest
If life is a spectacle
I direct the show
Lights camera curtain
You wanna be in the front row
When the applause dies
My crew go
Living the dream
Best days of my life
Ease after strife
What I need I create
I manifest
I am greeted by blue jays
Followed by crows
If you’ve seen my aura
You know
It glows
I’m blest
Prosperity & abundance
I manifest