Libation (Love over Blood)


I have come to offer libation.

May I proceed?

In the name of the Most High
The one who made everything
The All Mighty the one who comes before all
The one who created the cosmos
Creator of the Multiverse
The giver of life and peace

I call on the spirits of the four directions
I call on the all and all

I invoke the spirit of our collective ancestors
our ancient dead
our way makers
the ones who cleared the path on which we now stand
those whose shoulders we stand upon

I entreat their spirits to join us here as we stand together on ground we make scared by our presence, by our divine intentions, and our resolution to pray with our hands moving

I implore them to bring with them the spirits of the recently dead to stand with us in solidarity as we seek answers, as we seek peace and dignity for all of humanity today

As we stand together in the spirit of the one I offer water to water with us representing the earth from whence we all came and shall return.

I offer water to water in the presence of our humanity representative of the earth in the understanding that the planet itself is 2/3 s water as are human beings. In water we see the spirit of unity and persistence that melts mountains and makes rough places smooth. In the unifying life giving spirit of water I call forth the EgunGun and all good and favorable spirits who would see us whole, healed, thriving and in remembrance of being born free with dignity and everything we need to make good lives.

I invite you to join me in this ritual which like life has an order.

First we will pour water in to water in the name of the most high,
Then we pour water in the honoring of our ancestors. First our strivers our ancient and not so ancient collective ancestors whose vision saw us this far. I now invite you to call out the names of historical figures.


I invite you to call out the names of your own ancestors your great grand parents, your grand parents. Say their names so they will know that we remember to remember.We seek their council in the affairs of the living.


Now we the living call out the names of the recently dead to join us the living. We call with love in our hearts knowing they are with us.


We are not with the dead they are with us as they outnumber the living. In remembrance of their lives, their struggles, and their contributions I pray we look with clear eyes , open hears, and moving hands to find the solutions we seek here today. Understanding our business is with the living.

It is our time.
In my tradition we base everything upon Ewa Pele. Ewa Pele: To be of good character is the beginning of all things.
In the spirit of Ewa Pele I say it is our time.
Our time to move forward into love, life, purpose, prosperity, abundance of soul and spirit.
Ewa Pele it is our time to move forward to all good things.
Ewa Pele Good character in our hearts, in our homes, our communities. Ewa Peli for this world.
Ewa Pele and abundant love.
Amen, Amin, Ashe O
We give thanks with the offering of our prayers in anticipation that in the spirit of Ewa Pele and by our own moving hands we will we see our task done.
Ashe O So be it Ashe O
& so it is