anger is a chameleon

it disguises things

like a steady diet of injustice

that erodes humanity even

in the best of folks

it hides stuff

like impossible burdens

yours before you were born

can’t send them back where

they came from blues

anger makes them easier

to stuff in the baggage

you drag around

anger sets feelings on fire it dulls

the blades may disintegrate

the source of your pain

which sings so loud your

ears hurt tears drip you can’t breathe

you can’t carry that so

set it on fire & pray it burns

inhale the fumes choke on that

anything but face the pain that

needs anger to speak for it

the anger is a safer

than it looks

its when its silent

when no understanding is being sought

because its all

quite clearly understood

that you should worry most

when there are no more words

that’s when you are in

the most danger

that’s when pain takes over

drives the car is not

excited about what happens

next Tuesday rather wants

something that at least

taste like the promise of justice

right now in this moment

you should worry when its still

like before a storm

like in the graveyard

be afraid when its

so quiet

your only


is the tremble

before the snap