when you walk into the darkness

with a shovel and bad intentions

understand who you are & where you stand

if you plan to dig a grave

dig two

the second hole is for you

dig it deep and wide square

the sides line it with the intentions

you have for the one you plan to destroy

plan your own funeral

invite the guest decide how you will

be dressed  for surely as you prepare to

transgress you have considered your own

final rest applied the test decided your right

to stand over your line in the sand

stumbeling in the graveyard

with a shovel in your hand

living with your decision

set to murder a man

walking resolutely

on burning sand


before you play your hand

overstand the price for murder

pray loudly to your godz make

sure they heard you & bless your sacrifice

of your victim & your life

so you will be in good standing

when your meeting with them

soon come

in the end all answer so careful

as you plan

graves on burning sand