July 4 2015


we don’t celebrate holidays

though we have been known

to stuff a turkey light a tree

that all means something

different to me through

inverted eyes that look not

without but inside we gather

to lay burdens down no cotton

to pick today no cotton to pick today

maybe the paddy rollers won’t roll

no roll call today boss

we are between breaths

together aunt Glo cowboy

& grannie dancin on the lawn

like its an everyday thing

all that butt on Aunt Glo

jiggling like Jello

Cowboy two step like

its some royal dance

& we love it when Granny

gets crunk reminding us

she was living & loving long

before us in each other we trust

today’s drama will be a drunk uncle

or a child who ate too much

we hope no interest in the election

half of us don’t even vote

don’t know the names of the

countries around the world

where loved ones resist dying of

poverty at home by bombing others

we won’t fly flags we will sing no anthems

we will slap bones on the table

as we laugh out loud no sign of the

trauma as we turn within

to break bread with kin

we be real  black today

watermelon chilled chicken on the grill

enough fruit for the gorillas

& yes ribs for those who still

eat pigs its going down for real

we are not on high security

we on deep chill

watching our tomorrows run

up and down the dirt hill

triumphs & spills

kool-aid strawberry lemonade

& band aids

from high noon till

growing evening shade

we will slake constrictions

& count the dues we paid

we will think about the game of life

how it is best played

we will be in our life neck

deep remembering of those gone

before us hoping on those coming

without doubt there will be drumming

we don’t celebrate

we lay burdens down

no cotton to pick today

no cotton to pick today