no difference


when the shadows grow up

the wall darkness falling

in like feathers we are more

the same than we are different

we bleed need love and die

all of us together or alone

all of us tied by a chord

unbreakable fired in the same kiln

same dirt god’s tears & cosmic dust

composting together

no segregation in death

none in the great beyond

none before your first breath

hate is learned eaten in small doses

until one is drowning in it bound by

its illogical confines

smelling of it like brimstone

we are taught to hate

we are the result of addition

we learn to subtract

become smaller less

than we were meant to be

cut in small pieces to

fit into boxes

separated from each other

separated easier to manage

inhaling the madness

replicating it stewing in it

reduced by it

can you see the sky?

can you tell me where it ends?

where it separates?

gapes apart?

moves away from itself?

can you see the sky?

are you standing under it

we are all there is between

today & tomorrow

can you see the sky?

can you tell me where it separates?